Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I sort of feel like I'm training for a marathon. Or what I imagine it's like training for a marathon, because I never have and probably never will run more than a few miles.

I know that in 5 days I'll begin the Eat Local Challenge- so I've started training (mentally mostly). I know I can eat 80% locally because I completed the challenge last year without any tropical fruit crises, chocolate withdrawal meltdowns, or strained muscles. But last year I took the challenge at peak harvest season when my garden was just begging me to harvest some more kale. At the beginning of June my garden gives me radishes, lettuce, rhubarb, and plenty of herbs- but nothing too substantial. I'll be depending on the Co-op for more of my food during this early edition challenge.

Luckily, I'll have no problem getting local grains or beans from Whole Grain Milling. And Wildwood tofu and soyogurt is made from Iowa soybeans. The local produce has already started coming in and will only be more plentiful during the month. I'll miss my almond milk, though!

You see, our family has the 365 day challenge of eating vegan and wheat-free (mostly gluten-free). We are vegan by choice, for ethical, environmental, and health reasons; But we are wheat-free because my partner is allergic to wheat. I still use wheat bread sometime and our 2 boys eat have wheat bread sandwiches in their lunches, but any family meals need to be edible by everyone. Generally it's easy as (gluten-free) pie to eat vegan and wheat-free- We don't stress out about it and certainly aren't lacking any food! But when you throw a local challenge into the mix, it does make things more complicated. While I'll be participating wholeheartedly in the challenge, the whole family won't necessarily be 80% local (I'm no Barbara Kingsolver). But I'll keep track of what I eat and blog my little heart out.

It might be wrong, but I'm planning on eating some pineapple, avocado, and grapes this week- just because I know I won't buy them next week. I won't eat enough to negate my efforts during June, though. It's just part of my rigorous training regimen.

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