Friday, June 6, 2008

A few of my favorite things

If you've spent more than an hour talking to me, you probably know that condiments are some of my favorite things. Barbecue sauce, vinegar, mustard, salts, spices, hot sauce...I love them all.

But finding local condiments can be challenging. I had mostly given up on local condiments until I found these guys.
From left to right: Silver Spring Organic Dill Mustard from Eau Claire, WI; Zalta Green Garlic Infused Sea Salt from Spring Green, WI; White Wine Vinegar with Thyme from the East Side Garden Corps in Saint Paul, and Renaissance Farm Lemon Basil Infused Olive Oil from Spring Green, WI. I found these at Lakewinds Co-op- except for the vinegar. The vinegar came directly from the Garden Corps (651-228-7073).

My favorite has to be the green garlic sea salt. I know the sea salt isn't really local, but at least it's a local business!

Tonight I made some pizzas for the family. We used the Gluten Free Cooking School's pizza crust recipe with locally grown brown rice flour. Instead of tomato sauce, I used some pesto still in the freezer after last year's basil and garlic harvest. Toppings include green garlic from MN, cherry tomatoes from MN, and cremini mushrooms from WI. I used non-local Vegan Gourmet cheese, but dairy-eaters could easily find a local cheese to use.

The salad is just local lettuce with some ranch dressing. The dressing is made with some homemade soy yogurt (from Organic Valley soymilk- more on the yogurt later) and herbs from the garden. Yum!

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Jess said...

Perhaps you could check out The Golden Fig on Grand. There are lots of spices and condiments that are mixed and bottled by a local woman.

The shop is also a good small business to support!