Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Well, I haven't been tracking my local consumption very religiously but I'm fairly sure that I've been eating more local things. My dinners have consisted mainly of local or free things, with a sprinkling of non-local/bought things.

I had a mini-discussion with Liz about non-local/questionable things that are free. We both agree that it's okay to include free things in with the eating local thing. We also coined a term for it: FROCAL (free and local, duh).

So if you see that term in my blogs in the future, you'll know what that means.

Also, yesterday I made an 80% local salad, with the main components of the salad being the first harvests of my lettuce crop and strawberries from the community garden patch.

When I have a 100% local salad I'll take a picture.

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