Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm Noticing A Trend...

Salsa. I made salsa, too.

We are so screwed.

For my first official local meal, I went with the chorizo sausage nachos. &... salsa.

I've tried a few local chorizo, & so far my favorite is from Beaver Creek Ranch (WI). I would imagine that my recipe for the salsa isn't going to blow any minds; hydro yellow & red vine tomatoes, that green garlic as a substitute for imported onions & garlic (sliced paper thin to cut some of the fibrousness), plentiful amounts of cilantro, with kosher salt, fresh cracked black pepper & habanero pepper, to taste. Other than the last 3, all the ingredients are from either MN or WI.

The blue corn chips are everybody's favorite, Whole Grain Milling Co. (who get grain contributions from Beaver Creek's fields, as well), & the cheese is Fancy Brand sharp cheddar. I wanted to look further into the cheeses for something a little, well, fancier than Fancy Brand, but I was starving. Maybe I'll try it with Eichten's Gouda, or something else a little less sharp next time.

The whole process took about 40 minutes, & made enough for about 3 solid servings. I think I have mentioned that I was really hungry, but I still have some makings left for another day. I found I could go easy on the non-local salt, because when combined with the pleasantly salty chips, fairly salty chorizo & surprisingly salty tomatoes (a byproduct of hydroponics?), there was just enough. All told, when including the 3 non-local ingredients, plus seasonings in the sausage, I'd put this meal at about 90-95% local.

There are still some uncooked sausages, leftover salsa, local Schultz (MN) organic eggs (deserving of their own post, or twelve), cheese, & Hope Creamery unsalted butter (MN), so I think I know what I'll be having for breakfast soon. I'll have to cheat a little & use up some regular-old english muffins.

In the interest of looking at costs, here's what I paid for my food today:

Org. Eggs $1.56
Green Garlic $1.29
Blue Chips $3.49
Cheese $3.98
Org. Cilantro $1.69
Habanero $.10
Tomato $7.49
Butter $3.79
Chorizo $6.49
TOTAL: $24.94

As a co-op employee, I saved $4.92. If I had been a member, I would have saved approximately $2.46. Had I received no discount, my total would have been $29.96. Not cheap, exactly, but not too bad, for enough food to stretch over at least 6 reasonably sized meals (providing one has other basics already in stock, & providing there's no one else in one's family).

I'll be back soon with something that is not in any way related to salsa.

-nano out.

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