Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to do it???

I always tend to make fun of these things and be a bit of a  nay-sayer when it comes to "foodie" passing fads, but I have decided to take the Local Challenge because I truly believe in the importance of keeping it as Local as possible!  I think it is better for not only the environment, but for workers, producers, and consumers, too....So, with that I begin my attempt at rising to the Local Challenge 2008!

Well, luckily, I have always been a "localvore" when it comes to my beers, so, no problems there!  The challenge for me will be adjusting my standard lunch diet of 'grab-n-go' fare such as sandwiches, wraps, chips, etc....Man, I love me some Kettle chips, but they are off the menu!  Today was a pretty easy....Cheese from 'Sconni, some locally made chili w/1000 Hills Grass Fed beef, my coffee was imported by my friends at Peace Coffee....not bad, for me!  The only slip was a bag of buddy Newman's Pretzel sticks with the cheese....

The Local Challenge and the idea of putting my money where my big mouth is also prompted me (along with my wife and our neighbors) to join a CSA for the first time ever!  The Women's Environmental Institute will be, god willing, keeping me in local produce for the season and forcing me into new ideas about my food....Hopefully a farm visit will be in order, too!

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