Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Was this a good idea?

So, I made my first shopping trip yesterday to get some local foods. This might be harder than I thought to execute! When I started looking at local foods, I began to realize that even though a product may be locally owned, that doesn't mean that the ingredients are all local.

For example, I can't imagine living life without Salsa Lisa, which is a local company. Just because it's made in the Twin Cities though doesn't mean that the tomatoes or peppers are locally grown--or any ingredient for that matter. So--what to do? I decided that for the purposes of MY Eat Local Challenge, I would allow for locally produced products in my diet. Maybe as I get more adventurous, I will start to cut these things out also.

I also decided that I am going to have to beef up my kitchen appliance collection unless I wanted to spend all my free time cooking. A pressure cooker is the next thing I need. No one wants to spend 3 hours cooking beans when they could be done in 30 minutes with a pressure cooker. Could a yogurt maker or soymilk maker be next? I think I will just see how Liz does with her homemade tofu first before I buy any of these items.

The end result of my shopping trip was this: Whole Grain Milling corn chips, a jar of Salsa Lisa, some Organic Valley Soymilk, Fancy Brand Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Labore Farms lettuce, local mushrooms, Naked Carrot Juice (not local as far as I know anymore), and some HolyLand Hummus. Next time I will dive into the grains in the Bulk aisle, but for now I am happy with my local junk food.


Liz said...

Heck yeah! I got some whole grain milling chips and El Burrito Mercado tomatillo salsa today. I couldn't live without those chips.

nano said...

Whole Grain Milling Fun Fact:

One of my meat suppliers (Doug of Beaver Creak Ranch, which is some 50-odd miles out of the Cities), also supplies blue corn to those folks. His is the best local chorizo sausage I've come across, so meat eaters could make themselves some killer local nachos by picking up those two products & some local cheese.