Sunday, June 22, 2008

Local Leftovers: An Omelet Solution

One of the problems I run into as a single person who, Local Challenge or not, cooks the majority of my own meals from scratch (& tends not to plan ahead), is that of leftovers. Scraps of bacon, the odd half an onion forgotten in the back of the Fridge, slowly mummifying mushrooms, all these unused remainders of former meals weigh on my mind. They also take up valuable storage space, better used for the fresh ingredients of my next few local meals.

One excellent solution is soup (which I'll post on sometime soon). Another is the versatile omelet.

Omelets are good at any time of day, but they naturally shine at breakfast or brunch. They make it much easier to eat locally in the morning because it's assured that the ingredients are really local (after all, one picks them out oneself for that purpose), unlike trying to determine the locality of "local" granola (somehow I doubt that the coconut is from around these parts). Further, they make eating local more affordable.

This specimen features Schultz's organic eggs (MN), Pastures uncured bacon (MN), organic white mushrooms (MN), organic green garlic (WI), & Grand Cru Gruyere (WI). The English muffins, while definitely not local (but definitely leftover), are spread with Hope Creamery butter (MN) & Red Lake Nation chokeberry jelly (MN).

Here's a more substantial example, with the addition of local hydroponic tomatoes (red & yellow, MN) & not-really-Fancy Brand sharp cheddar, as well as the last heel of the local bread I picked up during the pizza farm excursion:

Both of these omelets took around 30 minutes to prepare, what with all the chopping & grating, but the time could be reduced if the leftover ingredients were dealt with at the time of being left over, or otherwise prepared in advance. Even so, I reserve my omelet eating for my days off, as it's so tempting to just lie around contentedly afterwards.

-nano out.

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